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Kam Wah Design & Engineering Limited (‘Kam Wah’) is a social enterprise of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (H.K.S.K.H.) Welfare Council. Kam Wah, formerly Kam Wah Engineering Company, was founded in 2010 by H.K.S.K.H. St. Joseph’s Church & Social Centre. The company had a two-fold aim: to provide employment opportunities and on-the-job training to middle-aged, unemployed people in the district, and to provide high-quality, reasonably-priced repair services to residents. This endeavour received funding in 2011–2013 from the Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme. To further its business development and position in the market, all business of Kam Wah Engineering Company has been transferred to Kam Wah Design & Engineering Limited. Its scope of service is primarily elderly-friendly home design and modification, as well as design services for social service units and schools. The company incorporates the opinions and needs of users when formulating the scope of works and design solutions, and stays in close contact with users throughout the works. Users are encouraged to participate in the entire design process. In addition, Kam Wah provides work-related training and internship/apprenticeship opportunities for members of the Providence Garden for Rehab. Kam Wah also entered the Social Enterprise Directory in 2018 and remains dedicated to the development of local social enterprises and the creation of social value.



Kam Wah is a proponent of people-oriented design and aims to provide high-quality, reasonably-priced design and fitting-out services to social services, schools, and the public. In addition, social workers, occupational therapists, and interior designers work as a multidisciplinary team to build suitable homes for the elderly. Accommodating the physical conditions and daily needs of the elderly, we provide home-improvement solutions and a one-stop shop for renovation works, so as to support ageing in place.

Participatory design

Kam Wah values participatory design, where service users are the backbone of each project. Their participation supports the development of the project, from appreciation and understanding (Appreciate), to thinking and exploration (Explore), to conceptualisation and questioning (Express), to learning and practice (Learn and Take Action), to the culmination of shared results (Share). By participating in each process and stage, service users collaborate with the team such that the result is the best possible use of space.

Care by design

We can do better! There can be warmth in design! This is the underlying belief and driving force of the team, and such is the team’s commitment to service users and customers. In addition to designing with care, the team also contributes its expertise and skills to society. Through the project ‘Act of Love’, the team improves living conditions for people in need and encourages them to interact and get hands-on with the team, thus experiencing the humanity associated with the space.

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